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The name UrEnergy Yoga came about because You(U) Are(r) Energy, E=MC(squared.)  We encourage our teachers to connect to the students Energy and create a unique flow based on that Energy.  Our lineage is deeply anchored in the traditional Yoga of Astanga (Vinyasa), Sivananda, and Iyengar. Our classes which flow with movements that create a space where classic (asanas and spirituality) meets contemporary (mental and sensory).


San Marcos safe casino mobile australia for real money Shala, is a Sanskrit term that means ‘home’ or ‘house’ – in a modern sense: A traditional Yoga studio. The URENERGY Yoga shala is a place where the practice of yoga (asanas) is taught, and it also provides a nurturing, intellectual, and supportive environment for like-minded yogis to meet, share experiences, and grow in their yoga practice.  All teacher trainings and workshops take place at the Shala.


supernormally casino titan mobile Karma Yoga is the path of selfless service, action, and work.  It purifies our hearts by teaching us to act without a thought of gain or reward. It is all about doing good – doing good to the whole world, loving all beings and yourself. We practice Karma Yoga during the teacher training, where the students must do 20 hours of service.  The donation based classes, use the donations to pay the space, the teacher and to donate to the homeless.  We also donate free yoga classes to Camillus house for their fundraisers.


gabapentin for insomnia unnecessarily Provide space for a community of like-minded yogis in a place we all call home. An environment that nourishes, holds, moves and elevates you on a physical, mental, and spiritual level through the practice of Yoga.

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