Nicolay De Salto, founder of URENERGY Yoga @yoginicolay

Nicolay is a passionate yoga teacher since 2003, coach, and Reiki practitioner. He has his background in Dance, Engineering, and executive in Finance. Skilled with a blend of body movement, energy flows in Quantum Physics, and analytics, he felt the real energy flow in a milestone Reiki session.  He was hooked, curious, and his personal yoga path began. Nicolay has an extensive background studying with renowned teachers in the lineages of Sivananda, Ashtanga, and Iyengar, and he has thought endless hours in these lineages.  Nicolay is known for vibing your energy approach, which inspires him in creating the class to guide you in a present state during your movements. He is a mindful and direct teacher who loves to share the art of practicing and teaching yoga.




Claudia G. Lechuga, URENERGY Yoga Guide @lechuguitayoga

Following a surgery that prevented any conventional physical exercise, I ran into yoga in the beautiful community of Bayfront Park. Immediately, I fell in love with it, a love that has been growing more, and more in time.

To me, yoga is freedom, it’s inner peace, it’s happiness.  Yoga is an oasis of humbleness, acceptance, and compassion. I became a teacher because I want to share with others what is so beneficial to me, so they can benefit from it as well. I love the connection I create with my students and the positive energy we release together during our classes. There is nothing more rewarding than seeing their happy faces after savasana.




Carlos, URENERGY Yoga Guide @mucho_lucho305

Drummer and percussionist Carlos was first introduced to yoga as a holistic approach to dealing with a back injury in the early 2000’s. From early on he discovered the healing power that yoga can bring about to the body+mind. After an eye-opening retreat in Sayulita, Mexico, he immediately went on to complete a 200-hour TT with Nicolay at URERNERGY Yoga in November 2017.

He has since been teaching in the Miami area private classes and at several locations including Chakra Samvara Buddhist Temple, Miami Beach. He teaches community classes at the Little Haiti Cultural Complex as part of his approach to giving back to the community and making yoga accessible to everyone. His mission is to raise awareness of the spiritual path that yoga is, and help others live more joyful and balanced.