how does ivermectin kill scabies Garmisch-Partenkirchen On Aug. 7, UENERGY YOGA recognized two graduates of its RYS 200 teacher training, — Grethel Alfonso and Monica Cruz.

neurontin gel RYS 200: Monica and GrethelThe graduation was the culmination of 10 weeks of study and hands-on practice for the two students, led by Nicolay Del Salto, C.E.O. and owner of URENERGY YOGA.

win real cash no deposit It was a memorable weekend for the graduates, when they completed the final requirements of the teacher training—the community classes. These classes were held on Aug. 6 and 7 and were held at the URENERGY YOGA studio.

new casino no deposit bonus 2020 Thākurgaon Both Grethel and Monica led several of their own classes, which were 90 minutes in length.

bar namorar sp Grethel, when describing the community classes she lead, shared that, “it was scary, nerve- wracking, and challenging, but also gratifying, blissful, and very loving.”

priligy drogas la rebaja Monica also found the experience notable. “This morning, when I was teaching and everyone was in savasana, and I felt really blessed and humble because everyone was there,” Monica said.

“They took the time to come to a class, they took the time to listen to my instructions, and then when they were on their final pose, it’s like it was an amazing experience. It showed me that we are creating a space that is special and is made of love,” Monica said. “The idea is to become a teacher and share that. It was a very good feeling.”

RYS 200: Community ClassesThe participants in the classes enjoyed the experience, praising the instruction from both Grethel and Monica. Kevin Barreto, a participant of Grethel’s class, loved the transitions during one of her classes.

“I like to hold the pose a little bit. That way I work the muscles in the area,” said Kevin. “It was amazing — I feel pretty good [after the class] and calm,” Kevin said.

While Pablo Assusa, a participate of Monica’s Sunday class, enjoyed the class, too. “It was really good. She had a good pace, she waited for people to get into the pose — I thought she was good,” said Pablo.

A celebration ensued following the completion of their community classes. Delicious foods and tasty champagne was offered to those who were in attendance.

During the celebration, Nicolay praised the two graduates and presented them with a certificate recognizing their completion of an RYS 200 Teacher Training.

RYS 200 Teacher Training

The URENERGY YOGA teacher training spanned over a course of 10 weeks, and requires a good work ethic that deepens the appreciation of yoga.

Monica selected the URENERGY YOGA Teacher Training after attending the graduation of alumni Gabriela Fierro.

“A good friend of mine, Gabriela Fierro, I came to her graduation — her face, she was so happy, so excited,” said Monica. “Something on her had shifted.” Within weeks, Monica knew she wanted to teach.

When Monica started the training, her initial goal was to deepen her practice. As she participated in Good Karma Yoga classes, which are held in various areas in Miami, she became inspired to share the love of yoga.

Similarly, Gethel sought to deepen her practice as well. “I was inspired to take the training because I just wanted more! I wanted to learn about bandhas and all the other foreign terms I would hear during a class, and to really dive deep and see what else there was to yoga-and boy it was more than I ever even imagined. I am so glad I did it,” said Grethel.

RYS 200 Teacher Training Fall/Winter 2016Pertinent topics were discussed related to yoga, such as the reading of the sutras, which was one of Grethel’s favorite lessons.

“That for me was really interesting and eye-opening. You really get a sense as to what it’s all about and, little by little, you understand,” said Grethel. “At the end, you are a little wiser and a little happier because you experience gratefulness for what you know and just want to share it with others. It’s beautiful.”

If you are interested in improving your practice and helping others improve their health, then join the upcoming RYS 200 teacher training, which will commence on Oct. 1. For more information, contact

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