Fall Yoga session at Bayfront Park

Yoga in our Community

http://beatconnectionband.com/22-cat/casino_8.html By Michael A. Mora Laying the Framework for Yoga in Downtown Miami If you haven’t joined yoga classes at Bayfront Park or Museum Park in downtown Miami, you’re missing the opportunity to participate in a worthwhile community activity. Seven days per week, yoga is taught in these downtown Miami parks to local practitioners and exercise…

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Amal teaching

Perspective on Yoga

tiger slot machine Muttupet By Michael A. Mora Amal Sohl, one of the graduating students from the winter teacher training program listed inversions as the pose that she does not feel comfortable in. She is not alone—many women throughout the country expressed similar grievances during the posture. Despite this, Sohl has persevered and maintained practice. “When you graduate, you…

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