neurontin and gas x Syke By Michael A. Mora

toilsomely betway lightning roulette Have you considered advancing your yoga knowledge and leading your own class of dedicated yoga students?

gay matchmaking service louisville co Lizette Monty, who works as a real estate agent and leads Viva La Yoga in Miami Beach, FL, is a graduate of URENERGY YOGA’s Teacher Training. “One of the things that I learned from Nick, which is one of the key factors of my practice, is breath. I’ve done yoga for 14 years and there wasn’t a single teacher that taught you how to breathe. Nicolay taught us, taught me, how to inhale and exhale through the poses,” said Lizette.

plaza judi slot Sahaswān Since Lizette has completed the Teacher Training, she has been teaching steadily in the Miami Beach area. She loves the options that yoga certification is providing in her life. Lizette is considering retiring from her active real estate practice to teach yoga every day, an increase from her current schedule of three days a week of classes, plus twice a month classes at Bhoom Shanti Inc. “Nick had a really, really nice teacher training. If anyone were to ask me, I would recommend them to Nick’s because he was the one that opened my eyes to the path,” said Lizette. “I was touched last year with the Teacher Training, and then I continued developing that.” Lizette has a goal of becoming a Bhakti yogi, which is a spiritual practice or path that is concentrated on devotion and cultivation of love towards God.

Santa María Totoltepec mr green slots online UREY: Teacher Training, Jan. 2016Nicolay Del Salto, C.E.O. of URENERGY YOGA, has had several years of experience leading classes and instructing future teachers. Currently, he leads Good Karma Yoga, which is characterized by having a unique flow and providing 20 percent of donations received from classes to the homeless population in South Florida. Three Good Karma Yoga classes instructed by Nicolay are in Tina Hills Pavilion at Bayfront Park. These classes offer gorgeous views of the water and a cool shelter that protects the practicing yogis in his classes from potential rain and direct sunlight. The free Monday class often has over 60 practitioners. The Tuesday and  Thursday Good Karma Yoga classes in Tina Hills Pavilion are by donation and average about 30 students per class. In addition to the Good Karma classes held in Tina Hills Pavilion at Bayfront Park, Nicolay leads two Good Karma Yoga classes at Camillus House in Miami. One of the morning classes at Camilius House is open for participation by the general public. The second morning class that is taught immediately after the first is offered to those in rehab, providing tools that may help the homeless emerge from homelessness by delivering a natural release of endorphins to improve their mood following completion of the class. These classes at Camillus House are offered twice a week—on both Tuesday and Thursday.

Beginning on Jan. 15, Nicolay will be leading the URENERGY YOGA Teacher Training, which is primarily for yoga practitioners that are seeking to further their yoga knowledge and to possibly lead successful classes of their own. The Teacher Training teaches the students various concepts that are central to yoga. These are held over a series of 10 weekends. From time to time, Nicolay enhances the Teacher Training with lessons that are done in unique situations. For instance, this can include having lessons on paddle boards, requiring concentration and balance to succeed in the initially awkward positioning. Paddle board yoga is an emerging way to practice yoga, providing another tool to the student teacher’s arsenal, offering an option of leading a more diverse array of classes.

Upon graduation from the Teacher Training, the students are awarded a RYS 200 Hour License. According to Yoga Alliance, the RYS 200 Hour License “adequately prepares trainees to teach a general adult population.” The five educational categories that are required to designate comprehension in order to complete to earn the license are the following:

  • Techniques, Training and Practice: 100 hours
  • Teaching Methodology: 25 hours
  • Anatomy and Physiology: 20 hours
  • Yoga Philosophy, Lifestyle and Ethics for Yoga Teachers: 30 hours
  • Practicum: 10 hours

The remaining contact hours are based upon the discretion of the program host.

Krysten Lead PracticeURENERGY YOGA excels at helping past graduates secure teaching positions in the community. For instance, yoga teacher Krysten, who is a graduate of the Teacher Training, leads a Friday evening Good Karma Yoga class in Museum Park. This location affords participants a beautiful view of Biscayne Bay while practicing yoga. Krysten sticks to the tenants of Good Karma Yoga, providing 20 percent of donations to the homeless. Jovi Ayala, who also participated in a Teacher Training, earning her RYS 200 hour license, now leads multiple classes in the Miami area, including a Wednesday evening and Saturday morning class in the recently revitalized Museum Park that were initially lead by Nicolay.

Jovi found that the Teacher Training equipped her with the skills to lead yoga classes. One of the concepts that she learned and stuck with her was the concept of “mindfulness” and having an “inner awareness without ego or expectation.” To Jovi, this means “the ability to be in the present moment. To always find enjoyment, in the pose or situation. To feel and connect with your inner emotions.” Looking back, Jovi considers her graduation from the program as one of the best moments in her life, a feeling that she cherishes and looks back on from time to time. “It’s a surreal feeling honestly. It’s truly exhilarating,” said Jovi. “It’s a self-accomplishing moment, one of those moments where you ask yourself, ‘did I really just do this?’”

If you’re interested in joining a class or an upcoming Teacher Training, click here. You can also provide a donation to the Camillus House by clicking here.

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